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PLC Logic Developer Controller Programming

Learn programming for Emerson PACSystems and VersaMax controllers in this Machine Edition training. Training will cover programming techniques and the advanced features of the PACSystems controller using Logic Developer PLC Machine Edition software. Starting with the controller software architecture, students are taught how to build Object-Oriented concepts with PACSystems Use-Defined Functions Blocks, as well as the development of application components using Ladder Diagram (LD).


CIMPLICITY Fundamentals

An entry-level course focusing on the multiple aspects of project configuration. Valuable hands-on lab exercises are provided which guide students through the building and modification of the HMI application. Students will be taught on:
•    Creation and configuration of new Project starting from scratch
•    Configure graphic screens
•    Create Database logging tables and etc

iFIX Fundamentals

An entry-level course to provide a good working knowledge of iFIX. All major features are covered from project configuration to data acquisition and visualization. Valuable hands-on exercises are provided to guide students through the building and modification of an HMI/SCADA application from top to bottom. Students will be taught on:
•    Configuration and launching of iFIX project
•    Creation of graphics, animations and control within workspace 
•    Add, delete and modify tags using both thick and thin client tools and etc

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